Fun with Hair!

The day after the pin curls

The day after the pin curls

I have been having fun experimenting with pin curls. This is the first step in my goal to take inspiration off my pinterest board and putting it into my life. The thing with my pin curls is that i do not put much product in my hair for them. Due to this lack of product the next day my hair just tends to look fluffy with a slight curl. I don’t necessarily want to brush all the curl out. I like the fluffy feel and i appreciate the nice bang that the pin curls can create. As the day wears on, it is obvious that my hair looks sloppy and i need to create a new look with the leftover curl from the pin curls.  I decide to attempt a romantic updo.



 I simply pull my hair back in a loose bun allowing a curl to fall by my face. I fluff out a curl in my bangs to add a bit of a frame to my face. This is what the end result looked like. I will admit that i felt the updo had a nice sophisticated look to it. It was an easy style to wear throughout the day and felt the hair compelled me to wear red lipstick throughout the entire day.


Get Off My Pinterest Board And Into My Life Pt.2

Learning to Love Your New Hair 

Going from long (way past your shoulders) to mid-short (chin length) hair is invigorating! Suddenly there seems to be so many options for how to style your hair without it taking mucho product and time. But, there is also that stage when you awake, look at yourself in the mirror and perhaps forgot you cut off most of your hair.

surprise! Haircut!

Surpise! Half of the length of your hair is missing. Where did it go? Did hair bandits steal it in your sleep?! Then your brain awakens and you remember that fateful day you voluntarily cut your hair. But Wait! You no longer can do your go to hairstyle – the messy high bun. Sacre bleu! You now have no go to look.

You wash your hair and let it air dry. You are far to tired to bother with drying it or styling it or productorizing it today. You then look at your new haircut again – without being styled and with your hairs normal texture – you realize again that you made the right decision to change your hair. No more lusting after those cute haircuts on pinterest – you know have a cute haircut of your own. Huzzah!

New Hair

This is the cut that i got. No product, washed, and dried this is how it falls. Next up is experimenting with pin curls! 
One of the looks that inspired the cut was Marilyn Monroe’s hair in the film ‘Let’s Make Love’. I wanted something mid-length that could be styled into a floppy look. 

Vintage Hairspiration

Catherine Deneuve is adorable in the above photo (the puppy ain’t so bad either). I attempted to do a similar look with my hair today but due to the facts that, 1. i have bangs and 2. hair is not feeling bouncy, the whole look fell flat. Still, a good luck to come back to. Would be perfect for when i am growing my bangs out.

-curator of cute xoxo