Fun with Hair!

The day after the pin curls

The day after the pin curls

I have been having fun experimenting with pin curls. This is the first step in my goal to take inspiration off my pinterest board and putting it into my life. The thing with my pin curls is that i do not put much product in my hair for them. Due to this lack of product the next day my hair just tends to look fluffy with a slight curl. I don’t necessarily want to brush all the curl out. I like the fluffy feel and i appreciate the nice bang that the pin curls can create. As the day wears on, it is obvious that my hair looks sloppy and i need to create a new look with the leftover curl from the pin curls.  I decide to attempt a romantic updo.



 I simply pull my hair back in a loose bun allowing a curl to fall by my face. I fluff out a curl in my bangs to add a bit of a frame to my face. This is what the end result looked like. I will admit that i felt the updo had a nice sophisticated look to it. It was an easy style to wear throughout the day and felt the hair compelled me to wear red lipstick throughout the entire day.


Pin Curl Test #1

I did my first set in pincurls in over a year. I forgot what a good work out it is for your arms! I just brushed out the curls with my fingers and tried to create bit of a floppy bang. Once again this the look minus any sort of product. This is a picture of me in the morning. My pjs have a very jail bandit feel to them -but they are crazy comfortable and i loves them! The pjs are Vera Wang for Kohl’s. 
-xoxo curator of cute