Llama Sweater!

I was lucky to be on Twitter when Small Earth Vintage posted a photo for the sweater she had just listed in her Etsy shop. As soon as i clicked, and the photo unveiled itself for me, i knew i had to have the sweater. i visited the Small Earth Vintage etsy shop and into the shopping cart this beauty went.

lama sweater

At the end of last week my Llama sweater arrived in the mail. She is even more fun in person than she is on a computer screen. I love the purple, the collar, and the feminine cut to the sweater.

lama 2

Here is a close up look at the llamas. The sweater is vintage – from the 70s. The llama sweater arrived in the mail at the perfect time due to the temperature turning to a bitter cold where i am.

i love you llama sweater!

i love you llama sweater!

I decided to wear my sweater over the weekend to help combat the cold. It worked. Did I mention how much i love the collar?! I just feel so much more sophisticated with a popped sweater collar than, say, a sweatshirt.


VIntage Winter Coat Roundup!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful!

To be honest, it is not that bad. But it is winter, and the weather is cold, and that means winter coat lusting time.

some of my fav. coats found on Etsy

some of my fav. coats found on Etsy

1. Artifact Vintage This coat screams decadent 70s glamour to me! Hopping from the cab into a hip downtown club..making sure everyone notices you when you step into a room.

  2. Dear Golden This coat looks so cozy! I love the color and little polar bears on the bottom. This coat is all about walks with your sweetie while you hold mitten hands.

 3. MillStreetVintage Love the silhouette on this coat. Perfect for wearing with your most full and glamourous 50s style dress.     

4. SwellFarewell If I was going on a trip to Russia for the winter; this is the coat i would buy.

More Vintage Winter Love

More Vintage Winter Love

1. SwanneeGrace Folklore coat! The use of colour brightens up this long black coat. I also appreciate the big hood. When it is cold out, you want a hood to help keep you warm.

2. Dear Golden  Dear Golden has some amazing coats in their shop at the moment. I love love love the scarf like collar. Once again, a gorgeous colour that you do not see enough of in winter outerwear.

3. FemaleHysteria  I adore the way the fur along the collar of this coat looks as though it is a scarf that then gets tucked inside the coat. ANother great silhouette to wear with dresses.

4. allencompany If i lived somewhere where the temperature does not drop to below freezing i would get this delightful coat. It is impossible to fall for the charms of the string with pom poms collar.

Playsuit Perfection

I have been on a search for the perfect playsuit for two years. While i love the 40’s and 50’s inspired playsuits, i had my heart set on a twenties style bathing suit to use as a playsuit. I kept searching and searching and then i came across Ouma’s etsy shop and saw the playsuit i had been searching for…the only problem was that it came in horizontal stripes.

I contemplated getting the stripe playsuit. I love stripes and the suit fit the bill of the silhouette i was searching for. But my hips held me back. Do i really want to highlight the areas of my body that are larger than the other parts? Luckily, Ouma does custom orders and i decided to see if i could get a black playsuit made.

Ouma replied back immediately and aided me in making the decision to make a black and pink playsuit. I gave her my measurements and in a couple weeks a package arrived to my door and inside was the cutest playsuit i had ever seen in person!

The Cuteness starts when you look at the back!
How can you not love that adorable pink bow?!
Visit Ouma’s etsy shop to see more of her cutesicle designs!
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The Sun is Shining, Come On Get Happy

Spring is making it’s early appearance. Time for new beginnings and such. What better time to start a new blog? Since I spend too much time vintage online window shopping, i thought i would have a small space to share some of my favorite vintage online finds and some of the cuteness from my closet.
I feel inspired by the sun and want to dress in yellow, time for some window shopping!

What a perfect 60s day dress from Sassy Sister Vintage! Can you not picture yourself zooming around Italy in this little number? bella!
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Bad Baby Vintage has this super sweet soft yellow sweater for sale. Now if i could just snag a date with the captain of the football team all would be swell.
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Exquisite Bones has a sassy dress in her shop that needs to be taken dancing!
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One does not have to dress head to toe in yellow, just a little accent can brighten up your whole day!
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This bright yellow purse from JL Vintage makes a statement!

Oh, this dress is lovely!!! Just lovely.
The dress is in Vintage Goldmine’s shop!!!
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