Fun with Hair!

The day after the pin curls

The day after the pin curls

I have been having fun experimenting with pin curls. This is the first step in my goal to take inspiration off my pinterest board and putting it into my life. The thing with my pin curls is that i do not put much product in my hair for them. Due to this lack of product the next day my hair just tends to look fluffy with a slight curl. I don’t necessarily want to brush all the curl out. I like the fluffy feel and i appreciate the nice bang that the pin curls can create. As the day wears on, it is obvious that my hair looks sloppy and i need to create a new look with the leftover curl from the pin curls.  I decide to attempt a romantic updo.



 I simply pull my hair back in a loose bun allowing a curl to fall by my face. I fluff out a curl in my bangs to add a bit of a frame to my face. This is what the end result looked like. I will admit that i felt the updo had a nice sophisticated look to it. It was an easy style to wear throughout the day and felt the hair compelled me to wear red lipstick throughout the entire day.


Pin Curl Test #1

I did my first set in pincurls in over a year. I forgot what a good work out it is for your arms! I just brushed out the curls with my fingers and tried to create bit of a floppy bang. Once again this the look minus any sort of product. This is a picture of me in the morning. My pjs have a very jail bandit feel to them -but they are crazy comfortable and i loves them! The pjs are Vera Wang for Kohl’s. 
-xoxo curator of cute 

New Hair

This is the cut that i got. No product, washed, and dried this is how it falls. Next up is experimenting with pin curls! 
One of the looks that inspired the cut was Marilyn Monroe’s hair in the film ‘Let’s Make Love’. I wanted something mid-length that could be styled into a floppy look. 

Get Off My Pinterest Board and Into My Life!

Step One: Get a Haircut
Pinterest is full of beautiful pictures of hair. Many people have a board devoted to the multitude of photographs that feature enviable hair. You can get lost in all the hair they have there!
My first step to getting inspiration of the pinterest board and into my life was going for the haircut.
Before I got my hair cut, a couple days ago, my hair was down my back to the midway point from your head to your butt. It was too long for my face. I never did anything with it. The ends were unhealthy. The sketch above is how i wore my hair nearly everyday. I had bangs, pulled my long hair into a bun and had a couple free pieces hanging down. It was repetitive, boring, and not all that flattering. So, i took the inspiration off the pinterest board and went for the chop. 
This is the cut i went for. I kept my bangs longer because i am still on the fence as whether to cut them or grow them. The hairdresser asked me three times if i was sure i wanted to cut my hair. She had experienced girls who claimed they wanted a haircut to only up crying was said hair was cut. I assured her i was ready for the drastic change. Drastic hair changes are one of my favourites. And now the experimenting with the shorter hair begins! 
-curator of cute xoxo

Vintage Pepsi Christmas

Coca Cola’s vintage 50s ads seem to stick in many peoples minds when thinking of vintage Christmas ads. One reason for this is that Coke has been wise enough to reemploy the use of their vintage Jolly Santa. Santa wears red and white. Coca Cola’s can is red and white. Clearly Coca Cola should be considered at Christmas time. 

In the 50s Pepsi attempted a different approach with their Holiday ads. While the Christmas Season can be full of indulgence, Pepsi focused on being the slim choice or the season. Fashionable women with tiny waists celebrate Christmas and maintain their slim figures.


Oh, the hair and the clothes! I am finding so much inspiration for holiday party looks.  I must create a fabulous christmas tree hat like the one in the ad above. Boy oh boy! And that red outfit is all kinds of  sophisticated sexy. Want to look cute while decorating the Christmas tree? Try slim cigarette pants with a snug fitting top. The tree with have to compete with the cuteness that you possess. 
My favourite of the bunch is the ad that features a woman in an all black outfit, with short black hair, unwrapping a bird cage. I am feeling very inspired by her haircut. I suppose it would be odd to bring the picture of an illustration to your hairdresser…..but i am loving that hairstyle. 

Vintage Hairspiration

Catherine Deneuve is adorable in the above photo (the puppy ain’t so bad either). I attempted to do a similar look with my hair today but due to the facts that, 1. i have bangs and 2. hair is not feeling bouncy, the whole look fell flat. Still, a good luck to come back to. Would be perfect for when i am growing my bangs out.

-curator of cute xoxo

Get Off My Pinterest Board And Into My Life

 It is time to take the pinterest inspiration off the board and put it in my life. It is funny how obsessed we can get with collecting all the pretty pictures our hearts desire while forgetting to give the same attention to our daily lives. I love vintage fashion (and vintage inspired fashion)! I like to mix my vintage clothing with modern pieces. I am never good and recreating an era specific look. My flapper always has a nod to the 40s or my femme fatal a nod to a 70s disco diva. For me, the fun is mixing the looks to create the one that works for you. Above is a picture of me attempting a Mary Tyler Moore look. For me, this is the Fall/Winter of MTM. My hair is more relaxed than MTM’s, but she wore a hair piece to make it look so perfect. The dress i am wearing is a vintage piece from the 60s. I adore it!
 I hope to share some of my inspirations, and fashion attempts, on this space.  I do not always succeed at the look i am attempting (especially with the hair. It can be so difficult!) and will share the failed attempts as much as the successful ones. Taking life off the pinterest board, or out of the movies, does not always lead to a pretty success. Part of the fun is in the mistakes. 

– Curator of Cute xoxo