VIntage Winter Coat Roundup!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful!

To be honest, it is not that bad. But it is winter, and the weather is cold, and that means winter coat lusting time.

some of my fav. coats found on Etsy

some of my fav. coats found on Etsy

1. Artifact Vintage This coat screams decadent 70s glamour to me! Hopping from the cab into a hip downtown club..making sure everyone notices you when you step into a room.

  2. Dear Golden This coat looks so cozy! I love the color and little polar bears on the bottom. This coat is all about walks with your sweetie while you hold mitten hands.

 3. MillStreetVintage Love the silhouette on this coat. Perfect for wearing with your most full and glamourous 50s style dress.     

4. SwellFarewell If I was going on a trip to Russia for the winter; this is the coat i would buy.

More Vintage Winter Love

More Vintage Winter Love

1. SwanneeGrace Folklore coat! The use of colour brightens up this long black coat. I also appreciate the big hood. When it is cold out, you want a hood to help keep you warm.

2. Dear Golden  Dear Golden has some amazing coats in their shop at the moment. I love love love the scarf like collar. Once again, a gorgeous colour that you do not see enough of in winter outerwear.

3. FemaleHysteria  I adore the way the fur along the collar of this coat looks as though it is a scarf that then gets tucked inside the coat. ANother great silhouette to wear with dresses.

4. allencompany If i lived somewhere where the temperature does not drop to below freezing i would get this delightful coat. It is impossible to fall for the charms of the string with pom poms collar.


Vintage Style Backpack

Remember that movie musical Hairspray? There was a lot of fashion inspiration in that film. The object i became the most attached to was Tracy’s backpack. I became obsessed with finding the perfect vintage school girl backpack. I felt that the bag would compliment so many of my looks. It turned out to be harder than i thought it would be to locate such a bag. I can be picky when i become obsessed with finding the object of my desire. I have a perfect image in my mind and it can be difficult for actual objects to live up to my minds eye. Luckily someone else discovered the perfect bag for me!

My mom got me this lovely bag for christmas last year. I really do feel smart when i wear it. The bag was handmade and is a beauty. 
You do not want to overfill the bag. It has room for a couple slim books (or one, possibly two, bigger books) and little everyday essentials. It fits snugly on the back. I love that you can easily carry it in your hand like a briefcase if you get tired of having it on your back. It was the perfect christmas gift. I really gotta make sure i get something perfect for my mom this year since she was such a stellar shopper last year! 
-curator of cute xoxo